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Menifee County Menifee KY


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Menifee County StatisticsKentucky PostSecondary Education Profile (CPE) .PDF file

Architecture back to top

Archeological Site 15MF355 Photos
Frenchburg vicinity, KY
Architecture: Prehistoric

Frenchburg School Campus Photos
U.S. 460
Frenchburg, KY
Architecture: Classical Revivial

Red River Gorge District Photos
Menifee County, Ky
Architecture: Prehistoric

Skidmore Petroglyphs Photos
Fagan vicinity, KY
Architecture: Prehistoric

Spratt's Petroglyphs Photos
Frenchburg vicinity, KY
Architecture: Prehistoric

Webb, W. S., Memorial Rock Shelter Photos
Frenchburg vicinity, KY
Architecture: Prehistoric

Artists back to top

Gail Botts 606-768-2997
fabric items, wind chimes, lighted pots

Tim Ratliff

Sandy Savard
606-768-6465 (home)
606-776-8295 (cell)
jewelry, clocks

Joe Simpson Mariba

Dennis Thomas Rt. 1 Box 339
Sudith, KY 40371
Art and Craft Supplies back to top

Arts Instruction back to top

Menifee County High SchoolSallaz, Jeneen, Art Faculty

Arts Organizations back to top

Display and Selling Venues back to top

Mountain Memories Festival/Pedals and Bloom Festival Quilt Show June

Menifee County Pharmacy 70 Walnut St.
P.O. Box 109, Frenchburg, KY 40322
Features crafts and gifts.

Gingerbread House 569 KY 36
Features original works, knitted afghans, embroidery, hand-crafted jewelry, and framed photography

General Resources back to top

Frenchburg/Menifee County Chamber of Commerce 46 Back St.
P.O. Box 333 Frenchburg, KY 40322

Menifee County Tourism Office 606-768-9000
Fax: 606-768-9000

Frenchburg, Kentucky

Oral Histories back to top

Public Art back to top

Slide Show back to top Special Events back to top

Special Projects back to top

Menifee County Clothes-Line of Quilts606-768-3556


























Last Updated on January 7, 2012