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Morgan County Artwork
Steven Tirone "Women In The Military"
Stephen Tirone
Women In The Military
Dusti Lewis "Transform"
Dusti Lewis
Pam Oldfield Meade "Mr. Nardie"
Pam Oldfield Meade
Mr. Nardie
Morgan County Morgan KY


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Morgan County StatisticsKentucky PostSecondary Education Profile (CPE) .PDF file

Architecture back to top

Burchwell, Ray, Archeological Site Photos
Redbush vicinity, KY
Architecture: Prehistoric

Cooper, Judge John E., House Photos
709 N. Main St.
West Liberty, KY
Architecture: I-House

Ferguson, Gar, Site Photos

Hill, Ray, Archeological Site Photos
Redbush vicinity, KY
Architecture: Prehistoric

Lonnie Hill Site Photos
Redbush vicinity, KY
Architecture: Prehistoric

Morgan County Courthouse Photos
Main St.
West Liberty, KY
Architecture: NA

Patoker Archeological Site Photos
Relief vicinity, KY
Architecture: Prehistoric

Sherman Archeological Site Photos
Relief vicinity, KY
Architecture: Prehistoric

Artists back to top

Bill Barker 4095 Liberty Road
West Liberty, KY 41472

Martin Cox 1437 Highway 3345
Ezel, KY 41425

Paul Cox RR7, Box 710
Olive Hill, KY 41164

Pam Oldfield Meade Mixed media/painter
9349 Hwy 460 East
West Liberty, KY, 41472

Dean Hill Photography 11607 Hwy 437
West Liberty, KY 41472

Debbie Perry P.O. Box 371
West Liberty, KY 41472

Elsa Ison Salyers Painting
38 Melody Circle
West Liberty, Ky 41472
Phone: 606-743-3203

Deloris SargentFolk art painting
5016 Highway 1002
West Liberty, KY 41472
Arts Instruction back to top

Morgan County District website

Morgan County High School Sculpture of a panther (mascot) on school grounds

Morgan County Middle School

East Valley Elementary School

West Liberty Elementary School

Arts Organizations back to top

Morgan County Shutterbugs Photography ClubMeets the second Monday each month at 6 pm.
Morgan County Office Building
450 Prestonsburg Street
West Liberty, KY 41472-1165
For more information about the club contact:
Shelia Allen
Phone: 606/725-4276
Barbara Stacy
Phone: 606/743-4876

Display and Selling Venues back to top

Morgan County Sorghum Festival
Last full weekend of September
100 art and craft displays
A new addition to the Morgan County Sorghum Festival taking place
Sept. 28 - 30 in West Liberty, KY is The Community Art Tent. Located
across Rt. 460 from Rite Aide the tent will exhibit and sell art from
more than 50 artists from Morgan and surrounding counties. Ranging
from the folk art of Minnie Adkins to the landscape oil and watercolors paintings of Catherine Wells the tent will showcase the many talents of artists and craftspeople from this area. On exhibit will be totem poles, jewelry, stone and wood sculpture, turkey calls, place mats, painted gourds and pumpkins, baskets, books, note cards, photography, crochet items, paper mache' sculpture, paintings, drawings, Christmas ornaments, metal sculpture and much more.

Hours Friday and Saturday 9am - 8pm and Sunday 10am - 5pm.
Hope to see you there. A project of Morgan County Sorghum Festival, Morgan County Arts and Recreation Committee, Morgan County Extension Service and West Liberty Area Arts Council.
Contact Pam Meade for more info.

Morgan County Fair and Mountain Horse Show August

Market in the ParkMarket in the Park takes place in August and showcases artists, crafts people, and locally grown produce among other stuff.

The Pet Owl Gallery 233 Riverside Dr.
West Liberty, KY 41472
Accepting art, crafts, book - handmade
Rob and Peggy Trimble
(606) 495-8327

General Resources back to top

West Liberty Tourism 565 Main St.
West Liberty, KY 41472
Fax: 606-743-2202 Online media outlet for Morgan County and West Liberty, KY

Historical Music Recordings back to top

Bonaparte’s Retreat,” fiddle tune played by Sanford Kelly, recorded by John Harrod, John Harrod Kentucky Fiddle Music Collection, Berea College Southern Appalachian Archives

Flannery’s Dream,” fiddle tune played by Sanford Kelly, recorded by John Harrod, John Harrod Kentucky Fiddle Music Collection, Berea College Southern Appalachian Archives

Oral Histories back to top

Audio and Images
Audio and Images
Finding Aids to Collections in the Archive of Folk Culture
Compiled by: Gregory Jenkins, Joseph C. Hickerson, and Ann C. Taft
Series Editor: Ann Hoog
Revised: December 2010

AFC 1937/001: Alan Lomax and Elizabeth Lomax Kentucky Collection Two hundred and twenty-eight 12-inch discs of songs and instrumentals recorded in eastern Kentucky by Alan and Elizabeth Lomax, September and October 1937. Includes performances by Boyd Asher of Hyden, Nora Bagley of Pine Mountain, Maynard Britton of Big Creek, Bill Bundy of Manchester, Tilman Cadle of Pineville, George Davis of Hazard, Jack Garland of Arjay, Jim Garland of Pineville, Munroe Gavedon of West Liberty, Mrs. Nell Hampton of Salyersville, Theophilus G. Hoskins of Hyden, James Howard of Harlan, J. M. Mullins of West Liberty, Mrs. Liza Pace of Hyden, W. M. Stepp of Salyersville, Luther Strong of Hazard, G. D. Vowell of Harlan, Clay Walters of Salyersville, and Walter Williams of Salyersville. (includes AFS 1374-1601) (32 hours; tape copy on LWO 4872 reels 101A-117A) [catalog record]

A collection of field recordings made on Presto discs by Alan Lomax and his wife Elizabeth Lomax in eastern Kentucky in September and October 1937 for the Archive of American Folk Song at the Library of Congress. The collection includes folk songs, ballads, hymns, camp meeting songs, union songs, coal miners' songs, blues, children's songs, stories; banjo, harmonica, guitar, and dulcimer music; and a large number of fiddle tunes.

AFC 1972/025: Peter R. Hoover CollectionTwenty-two 10-inch tapes of primarily instrumental music recorded in Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia by Peter R. Hoover, 1959-67. Mostly instrumental folk music, including also music derived from Ireland, Scotland (from Howard Glasser Collection), Iowa, and Washington, D.C. Also "History of Classic Jazz." [catalog record]

Summary: Collection of field recordings of old-time banjo, fiddle, and guitar music and folk songs recorded by Peter R. Hoover between 1959 and 1967, at the homes of the performers or local venues in Hillsville, Independence, Galax, Fancy Gap, Baywood, Five Forks, and Cana, Virginia; Swannanoa, North Turkey Creek, Laurel Section, Culberson, Robbinsville, and Cherokee, North Carolina; Harmony Grove, Reedsville, Cascade, Mt. Zion, and Glenville, West Virginia; in Bear Branch, Hyden, and West Liberty, Kentucky; Thorn Hill, Tennessee; Tate City, and Epworth, Georgia; Bradford Woods, Stahlstown, Ligonier, Glencoe, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; a square dance, with calls, recorded in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Other instruments on the recordings include mandolin, piano, and blues music on Hawaiian guitar. The collection also includes some copies of Scottish instrumental dance music and marches from the archives of the School of Scottish Studies performed on fiddle, Jew's harp, accordion, and bagpipes by various performers; Irish music on flute and tin whistle recorded in Pennsylvania, and fiddle and banjo music performed informally at the Glenville, West Virginia State Folk Festival in June, 1967. The collection includes a few copies of commercial recordings of old-time music, and the "History of Classic Jazz."

AFC 1975/018: Lasserre Bradley / Primitive Baptist Music of North Carolina and Kentucky Seven 7-inch tapes of Primitive Baptist music recorded at various congregations in North Carolina and Kentucky by Lasserre Bradley, Jr., Baptist Bible Hour Broadcast, Cincinnati, 1961-71.

One tape containing fiddle tunes performed by Santford Kelly of West Liberty, Kentucky, recorded August 1961. (1 hour; LWO 6880 reel 11B) Two tapes containing fiddle and banjo tunes performed by Smith Brown and Santford Kelly of West Liberty, Kentucky, recorded August 1963.
(1 hour and 30 minutes; LWO 6880 reels 15B-16A)
One tape containing songs sung by Lenville Ball of West Liberty, Kentucky, recorded in Pike County, Kentucky, ca. 1971. (1 hour; LWO 8398 reel 1)

Public Art back to top

Slide Show back to top Special Events back to top

Morgan County Sorghum Festival
Sept. 28-30
100 art and craft displays

Bluegrass Music Festival
Old Mill Park

Morgan County Fair and Mountain Horse Show August

Special Projects back to top
























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