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The Eastern Kentucky Arts Project seeks to nurture the visual arts of Kentucky's Appalachian counties by providing information on the region's arts-related resources.  EKAP researches the practicing artists, arts-related groups, art instruction, exhibition and sales venues, public art, historic architecture, and special arts initiatives available within each county.  The project also collects and disseminates oral histories relevant to the region's arts.

Our web side is designed to serve educators, students, artists, community planners, and other interested individuals working to strengthen Eastern Kentucky communities through the arts. Data has been compiled from personal interviews and published and web resources. Designated community contacts update and review our information and images, and shape their county's profile by conveying community accomplishments, plans and needs. In this way the people of Eastern Kentucky are taking ownership of the project themselves.

EKAP seeks to identify service-learning venues for students in/near their home counties. These experiential opportunities might include classes or workshops students can teach, web design for non-profit community organizations, mentoring of children in the arts, murals or other public arts. Morehead State University has provided research and technical support for the project.

What Do We Do?


EKAP helps community members find useful information about their home county:

Is art taught in the public schools at all levels? 

Are there relevant classes offered by the county extension office or vocational/technical schools? 

Are there university courses in the arts?

Who are the practicing artists and crafts people?

Are there places to view, share, buy, or sell art?

Are special arts initiatives taking place?

Are there historic buildings or other architecture of interest?

Is there public art in the county?

Are there arts organizations and places to purchase art or craft supplies in the county?

What is the history of the county?

How does the county compare to its neighbors in terms of population, income, education and other vital statistics?


How Are We Different?

Kentucky Crafted Appalachia, Kentucky Department of Tourism, Kentucky Department of Travel, and the Kentucky Artisan Heritage Trails all promote the arts primarily from the perspective of economic development.

Development that ensures sustainable, healthy communities is not limited to economic growth. EKAP also seeks to identify service-learning venues for MSU students in/near their home counties (classes or workshops students can teach, web site design for non-profit community organizations, mentoring of children in the arts, murals and other public arts.)

The Arts Can


Help a people recover their history.

Address serious problems such as substance addiction and abuse.

Bring peoples of diverse races, ethnicities, and classes together for a common purpose. 

Foster a sense of cooperation within a community.

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